Thursday, 17 January 2013

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lady Gaga autographs an eager fan's breasts

That's what you call a sign of dedication!

After being teased for gaining a few pounds, Lady Gaga launched a campaign to make people more accepting of their bodies - flaws and all.
And after seeing a photo of the Born This Way singer signing a fan's breasts, it seems she is practising what she preaches.
Gaga, 26, can be seen crouching down and carefully writing her name across the excited fan's decolletage using a marker pen.
Hold still: Lady Gaga signs a female fan's breasts

Her face is deadpan as she concentrates on the task in hand, carefully writing 'Ga' above each nipple.
The unnamed fan looks thrilled, and puckers up for the camera, staring straight ahead at the lens.

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