Tuesday, 22 January 2013

British grandmother, sentenced to death for drug trafficking in indonesia

Distraught: Lindsay Sandiford of Britain reacts inside a holding cell after her sentencing today and cannot hide her shock

A British grandmother broke down in tears today and cried 'no, no, no' as she was sentenced to death for trying to smuggle almost 5kg of cocaine into Bali(indonesia) in her suitcase

Lindsay Sandiford, from Gloucestershire, was arrested in May last year as she entered Indonesia on a flight from Thai capital Bangkok with £1.6million worth of the Class A drug stuffed in her luggage.

In shock: This is the moment Briton Lindsay Sandiford heard that she would receive the death penalty for drug smugglingShe had claimed she was coerced into the crime because her children were threatened
Death sentence: The mother and grandmother who last lived in Gloucestershire listens to her interpreter during her verdict trial

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