Wednesday, 30 January 2013

BlackBerry launches Z10 which has no keyboard and looks just like an iPhone

Blackberry has unveiled the Z10, a new mobile phones it hopes will revive its fortunes and take on Apple - and it looks just like an iPhone.
The handset, along with a second which has a physical keyboard, go on sale in the UK tomorrow, and elsewhere in the world next month.
The Z10 has a touch screen, and the Q10 has a physical keyboard similar to the old Blackberry handsets.
'We have been on a journey of transformation,' said Thorsten Heins of the firm, which also announced today it is changing its name from RIM to Blackberry.
But the handset maker was immediately accused of 'copying' the iPhone's design and software with its BB10 operating system.
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BlackBerry's Z10 - a superb phone, but a little too late
iPhone 5.
Spot the difference: The new BlackBerry Z10 (left) and Apple's iPhone 5 (right)
'I don't think Blackberry has copied Apple, and although they do look similar, in use the two are very different,' said Will Findlater, editor of Stuff magazine.
'The similarity between BB10 and the iPhone has caused concern, but iOS is simple to use, so its no surprise they have gone down that road,'
'If there is a cause for concern it could be around the shape of the Z10, the rounded corners look very similar to an Apple product.
'Apple has been notoriously litigious about that element - but I have seen no evidence they are going to take any action.'
The shares fell 5 per cent as the Canadian announced it was changing its name from BlackBerry from Research In Motion, and by the conclusion of the launch the shares were down 7 per cent.
'It's been one year since I was handed the reins, and it has been challenging, but exhilarating,' said Mr Heins.
'Now, finally, here we are - Blackberry 10 is here'
The firm also said it had signed up musician Alicia Keys as its 'global creative director'.
'Alicia Keys has come to BlackBerry because she believes in the product and technology, and subscribes to our overriding philosophy to ‘Keep Moving’: to empower people through mobile computing and communications,' said Mr Heins.
Mr Heins said the new handsets were for 'people who are hyper-connected socially, who need balance in both personal and professional lives.
'People who want to flow, who don't want a home button. Blackberry 10 will keep them moving.'
The new phones run an entirely new operating system called Blackberry 10.
The handsets do not have a home button, instead using a user's thumb to 'flick' across the screen.
It also has a new 'peek' feature that allows owners to see their email and other messages from anywhere in the phone's menu system by swiping from the left of the screen.
The firm also said it had worked to create the 'best typing experience' of any handset.


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