Tuesday, 29 January 2013

P-Square spends N74m to get Usher

In their quest for world dominance, P-Square have broken the bank to get top acts such as Akon and Rick Ross to feature on their songs. From our findings we discovered that the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye spent a whooping sum of N11m to get Akon to appear on their ‘Chop My Money’ remix and to appear in the video. They went higher in order to acquire Rick Ross’ services on ‘Beautiful Onyinye’ remix. P-Square paid the American rapper N13m to feature and appear in the video.

The brothers haven’t stopped there. Klieg Lights can authoritatively reveal that they spent $450,000 to get American R&B superstar Usher to feature in one of their songs. This fee includes studio session, recording and appearing in their video. The P-Square track featuring Usher hasn’t been released yet.

Our source claims that Peter and Paul are hesitant in dropping the songs they have done with foreign acts because they don’t want Nigerians to believe they have joined the group known as Illuminati. The Illuminati is rumoured to be a secret society made up of influential individuals including entertainers. The society is perceived to be evil and artistes such as Kanye West and Lady Gaga have started receiving backlashes from members of the public.

While P-Square haven’t spared any dime in getting these foreign artistes to work with them, these expenses have eaten deep into their pockets. After their foreign sojourn to get these acts, P-Square came home to an empty account. They had to borrow an undisclosed amount of money from a bank to settle down.

“They had to borrow some money so that they can be on their feet. They are not worried however. They see it as an investment that will yield returns. Already African countries have started calling them to perform their new remixed songs,” said our source.

P-Square are also known to invest heavily in real estate. The brothers bought a huge piece of land in Banana Island and have started making plans to build on it




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