Tuesday, 12 February 2013

12/02/ Parents Report Son To Police After He Raped Housemaid

A teenage boy allegedly raped a maid after his parents had gone to church for an all-night prayer.

It is alleged that the 17-year-old boy raped the 20-year-old maid. It is the State's case that the maid was washing plates while the teenager was watching television. He later retired to his room and slept for a while. The maid finished washing the plates and started watching television in the lounge.

Prosecutor told the court that the boy came to the lounge and sat beside the maid before asking her what she usually does with her boyfriend.

According to state papers, the teenager tried to kiss the maid but she resisted and pushed him away. The boy allegedly grabbed the maid, pushed her down on the floor and raped her. After the act, the court heard, he allegedly left for his room without saying anything.

The maid later told her reverend, Tigere Nyamakawo, who informed the boy's parents, the court heard.

The parents tried to talk to the boy about the abuse but the boy denied the charge. The maid later informed her parents who reported the matter to the police, leading to the boy's arrest. The teenager was released on free bail under his parents' guardianship.

He returns to court on February 18 for trial

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